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Teak outdoor furniture?

I need any information about outdoor furniture from teak, especially for garden. Thank you!

Posted by Dew
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HI, I have taken this information from our website www.sustainable-furniture.co.uk. All our furniture is sustainably sourced, reclaimed or recyclable. If you need any further assitance, just call Debra on 07425626604.

Teak Furniture Facts

Our Teak Furniture is manufactured by combining the highest quality materials with superior craftsmanship but also with a flair for European design. We have our ever popular classic Teak Furniture line but have also added contemporary designs to our Teak Furniture indoor and outdoor ranges. Below you will find a few facts and questions and answers that are relevant to outdoor Teak Furniture.

People talk about Teak Furniture weathering – what does this mean?

Whether you ordered a Teak Chair, Teak Table, Teak Bench or Teak Sun lounger when you receive your product you will take it from the packaging and it will look like a beautiful piece of golden brown Teak Furniture. Over a couple of months of outdoor environment, untreated Teak will weather to a silver grey colour which is due to the action of sunlight. To many, the aging process of Teak Furniture is charming and part of its character, however, other customers, for example, would prefer their Teak Table set to maintain its golden look.

What can I do to prevent my Teak Furniture from the Weathering Process?

Teak Sealer can be applied to your new Teak Furniture or to recently cleaned Teak Furniture and we have sourced a fabulous product which we believe is the most resilient to UV rays and is also recommended for use on Teak yacht decks. This product forms a layer which consists of a pigment combined with a sealer, it is environmentally friendly so can be applied on grass. We recommend this product for use with all of our Teak Garden Furniture especially to avoid tomato ketchup stains, red wine stains, etc on your Teak Table.

During the Winter months, putting your Teak Furniture away in the garage or covering your Teak Furniture can help to prevent the weathering process but please ensure you purchase a breathable cover. Cheaper non breathable covers can cause your Teak Furniture to bake causing cracks or warping could occur in your Teak Furniture piece. Alternatively, you can trap moisture under the cover which may cause warping, mildew and more cleaning work next Spring than you bargained for.

I’ve had my Teak Furniture for a couple of years and it looks tired – What can I do to make it look good again?

One of the beauties of Teak Furniture is that you can clean it and return it back to the original colour. Cleaning with plenty of water and scrubbing can work, depending on the level of dirt build up, although a far better solution would be to apply a Teak Cleaner which loosens the dirt. In extreme cases, it is possible to sand your Teak Furniture but this can be hard work.

Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Right For Me?

Please advise.

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You are contemplating your first purchase of Teak Furniture and you are wondering if you making the right decision? Well, you are and in this quick article, I will explain why I believe that.

If you already use Teak Wood in some of your favorite outdoor furniture, then this article will just be fun information for you to know and share with your friends when they ask you, "why did you buy Teak Wood" versus ?????.

It is no surprise, or it should not be, that Teak Wood has been the favored wood for generations. The secrets of this wood are out and they have been for a long, long time

Many people for generations have been enjoying the warm benefits of owning Teak Wood products. Outdoor Teak Wood furniture is a Standard for many families and in many gardens, terraces, patios, verandas, ships, and yachts around the world. If you are investing in outdoor furniture, you really owe it to yourself to step into the world of Teak.

What type of outdoor furniture lasts longer?

Posted by Jasmine
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Selecting the right outdoor furniture for you is largely a matter of taste. Both wooden and metal furniture will last for years if you undertake proper maintenance for it. Find more exciting outdoor furniture models on.

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